Enter to Win a Spot on the NG Saints in TBT

Win a Spot in TBT 2022

We are raffling off 1 spot on our TBT team, the NG Saints!

All you need to do is make a $100 donation to the team, and you’ll be entered to win. More than 1 entry is available for every $100.

Each entry will put your name in a drawing to be held at noon on July 15th.

Our first game is Friday, July 22nd in Syracuse at 2pm.

In order to win you must:

Anyone meeting the eligibility requirements is welcome to join the raffle regardless of skill or experience.

The winning ticket is transferable to an eligible participant.

If you win you will:

  • Be a rostered player on our TBT team
  • Join us for our practices in Philadelphia
  • Get your own NG Saints TBT jersey
  • Enjoy the full player experience at TBT
  • A $10,000 prize if we win

We need a minimum of 10 entries to run the raffle. If that number is not met, everyone will be refunded their money.

Entries are non-refundable

Enter to Win!